3 Creative (& Easy) Home Decoration Ideas


Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO Oneflare.com.au, an online marketplace where Aussies can find local service providers.

When it comes to decorating our homes, creativity is key. Rather than costly furniture or spending loads on cosmetic renovations, upcycling household objects and old items can instantly add a fresh element to your existing space.

Here are a few clever, inexpensive, DIY home decoration ideas:

1. Recycle

Upcycle preloved items or found objects around the home. You’ll save on costs but also impress visitors with your creativity!

Empty condiment jars or bottles can be upcycled as simple statement pieces for your home and complement your existing furniture.

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Consider filling jars with pebbles, pens, flowers depending on your home. Candles inside can create a rustic table setting.

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Decorate the ideas around your jars with lace or ribbon for an added effect.

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Give the old items lying around your home a decorative purpose by thinking beyond the item’s original use and finding a new area for the item to thrive in.

Things you may see no further use for may just be the next feature for your living room.

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Old suitcases or crates can be repainted as a bedside tables or lampstands. Leave it in its original state for a vintage feel. If the suitcase colour does not match your room’s palette, add a layer of paint.

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3. Restore

Breathe new life into your home by restoring old memorabilia as decorative items around the home.

Restore old photos with wooden pegs, bunting and magnets of combine a pile of old books as to create a retro feel.

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Have a dig through your garage or storage room and think about what you can turn into a nice decorative piece. Have fun creating!


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