5 Home Security tips for the Holidays


If you’ve ventured out into civilisation lately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the constant reminder that Christmas is literally just around the corner.  Some of you may be rushing to finish those home renovation projects before the family arrives, some may be already planning the family road trip to the grand parents for the big day.  Whatever your plans are, here are 5 safety and security tips you should consider trying.

NEVER advertise your location on social media

Even if your account is set to “private”, do you really know who has access to your profile?  Burglars are increasingly using the internet and social media to learn about their potential victim’s whereabouts.  Don’t make it easy for them to know if you’re home or not for the holidays.

NEVER advertise your gifts on social media

Again, do you really know who has access to your profile?  Use common sense and simply don’t advertise online what you got for Christmas, even if it’s an amazing gift.

Break down large gifts boxes and put all wrapping paper in a rubbish bag before disposing

The first place any burglar is going to look to see if it’s worth them trying to break into a home is the rubbish.  That’s why it’s always important to break down large boxes, such as boxes for TVs and stereos, and when disposing of them make sure the bin lid closes.  With gift wrap, instead of putting it directly into the bin, put it in a black rubbish bag and then dispose of it in the rubbish bin.  Don’t make it easy for anyone to see what Santa brought you!

Let your neighbours know of your plans

If you’re heading away from home for the holidays, whether for just a day or a week, let you neighbours know you’ll be gone for a bit. Having someone keep an eye on your home gives you just a bit of added security, and hey, you just might make a new friend!

Keep your home well lit at night

Whether you’re home for the holidays or not, it’s always worth leaving a few lights on outside your home, such as at your front door.  Having lights on usually indicates that someone is home and can deter anyone from trying to break in.  If you’re going away, it’s worth spending a bit of cash on a smart switch or smart bulb so you can control your lights remotely.  You can purchase these as an individual item, or most smart security system now have these products as part of their kit.


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Clementine Holman is the Marketing Director for Total Integrated Security. Total Integrated Security supplies and installs a wide variety of security systems, Smart Home systems, and CCTV to residential, small business, and commercial clients. Total Integrated security has partnered with Alarm.com to bring Smart Home and Connected Security innovation to Australia. Alarm.com has been in the Smart Home and Smart Security industry since 2000, and is now one of America’s leading providers in Smart Home and security systems technology, with over 2.7 million users worldwide.


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