5 Window Covering Ideas to Turn Your Super Simple Home to Simply Super


There’s definitely more to windows than just letting the air in or out. While it is a very functional element in your home, it can be so much more than that. With the innovations in window coverings today, you can control the natural light in your room and also transform your interior design with the perfect choice of blinds, curtains and accessories.

Here are five ideas to inspire you in transforming your home by giving your windows the right kind of treatment:

Focus on those tall windows.

BLO Roller - Light Filtering







Place blinds instead of curtains on your living area’s extra-tall windows. Often, if you’ve got a high ceiling, you’d spend time shopping around for paintings, decor and home accessories to fill the walls. Before you do that, why not consider roller blinds for your windows?

Let those slim, elegant windows be the focal point of the space. Choose a fabric that will make the area brighter or bolder, depending on the overall effect that you want to achieve. Then let that wall with dressed-up windows be your canvas for all the furniture, lighting and decor.

Let there be light – but no glare.

BLO Roman - Light Filtering 2







If you’ve got a bare home office that gets quite uncomfortable during the day because of the direct sunlight that comes through, look for Roman blinds made of light-filtering fabric in a subtle colour. This special type of material helps diffuse the light and minimise the heat, but still lets enough natural illumination into the room. And the Roman blind design adds style that’s elegant enough for a workplace, but not too stiff for a home.

Glide your way from basic to bold.


Perfect for sliding doors, panel glides are an excellent choice if you want to give your home a complete makeover in an instant. Choose one fabric colour for all the panels or have a series of complementing designs. You can leave the glides partially open or fully closed – each move gives a different look to your space. You can do this to transform almost any area of your house including the bedroom.

Small things make a big difference.


Pelmets – that frame you’ll usually see at the top of curtains – are more than just add-ons. They do make the windows look cleaner and more interesting. And they’re not just for curtains – try putting a pelmet to accentuate your very basic blinds and you’ll notice a great change in your room design.

But aside from the appearance, energy efficiency is one of their functions. A pelmet can help reduce the heat that’s coming in your house, so it can help you save money and also the environment. Since it blocks the light from the top of the window, it’s also recommended for the entertainment room since it prevents the glare on the TV screen.

Place a pop of colour.

BLO Shutters 3











Plantation shutters have been a distinctive feature in many houses since many years ago. And you can use them to brighten up a boring room in your house. Choose a contrasting colour or a much darker shade of your wall’s colour to add excitement to a once lifeless space.


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