6 Unique Things You Can Add if You Have a Big Yard


Owning a huge backyard is a blessing, but you may feel overwhelmed by all that space: with so many square meters to fill, it can be difficult to think beyond simply expanding the garden. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of things you can add if you have a big yard – so keep reading, and get doing!

Backyard driving course

For young ‘uns who love their wheels – bikes, scooters, roller-blades – there’s no better backyard installment than a driving course. Corner a section of the backyard, and with the help of some concrete for the “road”, some white paint for road markings, and some green turf grass for off-limits areas, you’ll have created a miniature driving course in no time. Other ideas in the “course” category include a mini-golf course or a life-size chess course straight out of Harry Potter.

Animal or bird enclosure

For those fond of all things furry, the prospect of turning the backyard into your own little zoo is sure to entice. We’re not talking horses and cows, of course – you’d need a paddock or two for that – but birds, rabbits, hamsters, and even pet lambs can be housed within the appropriate backyard enclosures. Aviaries are particularly apt for the yard, and if you’re handy with a hammer and nail, they’re pretty easy to knock into shape, too. So if you’re keen to take on the responsibility of caring for a few more family members, try an animal hutch – and remember: the more space you can give to these living things, the better!

Reading hut

Want a place where you can pick up a book, sleep, or just generally relax? Consider assembling a beach-style open hut near the back of your yard. With a few steps leading up to it, a covered thatch roof, and a dreamy coat of white paint, you’ll be able to create a sanctuary all of your own. Don’t forget the comfy beanbags or recliners, and string up a few outdoor lanterns from the roof of the hut for a last finishing touch. Did someone say “happy place”?!


Trampolines never go out of fashion, and a larger section will allow you to finally buy that massive trampoline you always dreamed about as a kid. With so many sizes and models of trampolines on the market, you can make a real feature of this bit of essential playground furniture – you’ll be jumping for joy year-round!

Outdoor fire pit

A fire pit guarantees many nights of fun for adults and kids alike, and it doesn’t take much effort or money to turn your average stone pit into a proper garden feature. Simply cobble or pave around the fire pit itself – maybe adding a canopy overhead so that you can enjoy the space in all weather – and attach a path leading up to it for a hint of romance. Feel free to replace the fire pit with a brazier or BBQ for dining purposes, and string some fairy-lights around the roof canopy to add instant atmosphere on dark nights.

Water features

What better to do with your backyard than to replace dull earth with water? Fountains, fishponds, hot tubs, and pools are ideal elements in any larger backyard, affording a real aesthetic interest to the outside space. Maybe a tranquil Japanese-style water garden has always been in your backyard dreams, or perhaps a long-line, shallow feature pool at the edge of the yard is more up your street – the options are endless.

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