8 Helpful Tips for Securing Your Home Before a Vacation


Going away for an extended period? Before you do, ensure that you take all the home security measures possible to keep your house protected against those active holiday burglars. To help you eliminate house-related stress while on vacation, we’ve put together the best home security tips for your convenience – so keep reading, and get securing!

  1. Blinds and blackouts

Windows allow eyes into your home. If you’ve got expensive consoles on show in the living room, valuables visible in ground-level bedrooms, or bikes and other vehicles stored in the garage, then a prospective burglar will know that they’ve struck upon treasure. If you keep your window blinds and curtains closed, on the other hand, then you make things much less exciting for any magpie lurkers. Choose blackout roller blinds for maximum privacy.

  1. Simulate activity in your house

Don’t, however, close your blinds too often. No car in the driveway, no lights on inside, and unkempt lawns are sure signs that a house is empty. If you can, recruit a neighbor or relative to park their car in your driveway every now and then, and perhaps invest in a light-timer so that your house is kept illuminated for at least a few hours each day.

Better yet, you might consider roping in a trustworthy friend to house-sit for you whilst you’re away. An especially good option if you’ve got pets that need looking after, a house-sitter is akin to a live-in security guard, too.

  1. Check your insurance

Since sometimes even the most well-secured of homes can’t escape being broken into, it’s worth thinking of your insurance policy as a step to how to secure your home. Review the documentation to ensure that your home and contents policy covers the possessions you care about.

  1. Alarm system

Home security systems are second-to-none for keeping your house safe, and sensor alarms are a particularly effective way to ward off any potential thieves. Along with immediately alerting your proximate neighborhood that something’s off, many alarm systems ring straight through to local authorities who’ll check out the issue quick-smart.

  1. Temporarily relocate important possessions

You know the things we’re talking about: heirloom jewelry, pride-of-place vehicles, stores of rainy-day cash. Though it can be a bit of a faff, shifting these items to safe places – whether that be a friend’s place, the bank, or a storage container – is a smart idea if you’re planning on being away for a while.

  1. Visual surveillance

Home surveillance can be implemented in a number of different ways. The most obvious is via the installment of security cameras both outside and inside of your home – that way, if you are unlucky enough to be burgled, you can go to the police with clear image captures. Another great method of surveillance is neighborhood watch.

And whatever you choose, make the fact of it visible to any would-be burglars: if people know they’re being watched, they’ll be much less likely to commit a crime.

  1. Take care of the mail

If you tend to receive a lot of important packages in the mail, then the last thing you’ll want is for them to pile up in the mailbox ready for the taking. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail while you vacay, or if need be, make this the time to get a secure PO Box.

  1. Lock everything

We’ve left the most obvious for last: lock up. It can be painfully easy in the rush of packing and leaving for the airport to forget about securing the back door, or the shed, or the upstairs windows – so make a comprehensive checklist, and give yourself enough time to move through the house and tick each item off.

Featured Image: Home Security Safety Systems Cameras. Photo credit: informedmag.com

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