8 Must-Have Bathroom Upgrades for 2018


Having a nice bathroom in your home is more than just a necessity nowadays. The bathroom is an integral part of the home, and it’s a commonly used one on top of that. According to studies, people spend more than 2 years of their lives in the bathroom, which is a very impressive amount of time. So, it’s best to spend it in a modern, warm room with all possible comforts, then in a cold, mouldy place you can’t wait to get away from. Just like every other room in the house, the bathroom also needs to be renovated from time to time. And while you do it, why not install a cool upgrade or two? Here are some timeless bathroom upgrades, which will be quite popular in 2018.

Beautiful tile accents

Tiles have proven to be a very strong and resilient floor coverage, which brings colour and stability to your interiors. They are perfect for every single room of the house, because they are easy to clean and maintain. So, it’s understandable why in the last few hears interior designers started putting them on more than just floors. Now you can enjoy sparkling mosaic tiles on a backsplash above your vanity, or even on entire bathroom walls. Granite tiles are the perfect choice for bathrooms, because their colour and structure complements the water element perfectly. Using coloured tiles to create an accent wall in the bathroom is also a very popular move this year.

Frameless glass showers

I know that everyone loves a hot bath, but statistics show, that in real life most people go with the quicker and easier to maintain option – the shower. Which is still a valid and stylish choice. Instead of the simple curtain, you can go for a more luxurious outlook, by installing a glass shower door or at least a glass screen, that covers everything but the entrance to the shower. Glass shower doors are not only a stylish bathroom upgrade, but they are also more practical. Glass is a lot easier to clean, and a lot healthier, because you won’t have to worry about soap scum and other dirt hiding in there.

Shower benches

If you want your shower to be inviting and to encourage a slower pace and relaxation, than you must get a shower bench. They are usually seen in spa centres, but in the last few years they also became a popular bathroom upgrade. There are a few options to choose from – you can either make a built-in bench covered in the same material your shower is, or you can get a separate bench, made in a contrasting material, like glass or massive timber. The shower bench can come with other cool upgrades, like multiple showerheads or a steam feature.

Steam showers

If you’re a true fan of the spa experience, then you need to get a steam shower at your home. It’s one of the most popular bathroom upgrades for this year. It’s basically a shower that has a steam option upon request. To fit the steam option into your shower, you need to make sure that the doors are sealed tightly from all sides. Installing a vapor barrier and wall framing is also mandatory, to prevent moisture and mould. There are also many options when it comes to the steam generator – the best way to determine which is the best one for you is to talk directly to a supplier and present them with the exact dimensions of your shower.

Sounds and entertainment

Both music and entertainment are now available for your bathroom too. Starting the day with a shower and some music can give us a lot of positive energy. You can invest in a whole sound system, or just get a small portable mp3 player that fits on the shelf, in both cases the results will be positive. If you decide to invest in a whole system though, remember to maximise the quality of your purchase by getting a speaker for each corner of the bathroom. The results will be amazing. And if you really love spending time in the bathroom, you can also consider installing s small TV. Nowadays you can buy low-voltage and water-resistant televisions, which would fit perfectly in your remodeled bathroom. Just have in mind to keep the humidity low with proper ventilation.

Heated towel bars

There’s nothing better than a warm towel after a shower or a bath. Thanks to modern technology, nowadays you can install towel bars which will provide you with that luxury every single day. They are easy to install and use, and the comfort they provide is indescribable.

Tile rugs

It’s a beautiful and very nifty upgrade, which can be applied to every type of bathroom. It adds a custom and personalized outlook, and there are thousands of colours and patterns to choose from.  The creation of this upgrade will require some building skills though, because the old tiling must be removed from the area where you want your tile rug, and then the new tiles must be put down. Also, the maintenance of a tile rug is quite exhausting, because of all the grout that can capture dirt and dust, but a deep tile cleaning twice a year will do the trick. The other option is brushing the grout with a toothbrush twice a year, which is not a very pleasant task.

Smart storage

The proper storage is an issue in many bathrooms. Most people either keep their bathroom supplies somewhere in a different room or just stack everything in the bathroom, which becomes overloaded. The new smart storage solutions help people keep everything in its place. You can try to mix open and closed storage, get some shelves and cabinets which will break up the monotone outlook of your bathroom. If you’re getting wooden cabinets, make sure the wood is varnished, it will protect it from the steam and otherwise inevitable water damage.


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