Child Friendly Outdoor Spaces


The backyard is the perfect space for young children, keeping them healthy, active and entertained. Kids love the outdoors and constructing a fun and safe space for your children is essential. Create a child friendly play area for your children with these 3 tips:

Playful Plants

Encourage the kids to get involved in the planting and care of their very own plants. We recommend these kids-proof plants:

  • Perennials like daisies and geraniums will brighten your child’s day, giving them colourful flowers to pick and lovely crowns to craft all afternoon.
  • Get interactive with easy-to-grow and edible plants such as cherry tomatoes, beans or snow peas and teach children to enjoy whole foods, produced straight from their backyard.
  • Create an adventure with giant sunflowers, vines and creepers planted in a circle or tunnel that will give the impression of a hidden jungle.



Be realistic and choose plants that are durable, easy to grow and free from thorns or pollen and weeds that may trigger allergies.

Store Toys

When you have set aside an area of your yard dedicated to your children, stock the yard with toys that will work great in nature. Store all water guns, tennis balls and action figures in a durable and convenient storage box. Keep the containers in a safe and accessible area that is away from any harmful tools or dangerous gardening substances.


Image from Fun at Home with Kids

Dedicate an area of your backyard that will cater to young and creative minds with an outdoor chalkboard or DIY music wall made of pots and pans. Ensure any equipment is set up on soft and well kept grass to minimise scratches and grazed knees.

Dirty Hands

An outdoor play area is the perfect space for your children to get their hands dirty. Whether they’re gardening, picking up autumn leaves or digging in a sand pit, setting aside a corner of the garden dedicated to playtime will be a hit with the kids. For a simple and easy play area, attach open ended plastic water bottles to a spare wall, and create an interactive wall feature.


For extra peace of mind, get your garden inspected by local experts to ensure it is child friendly or get inspired with our post on DIY outdoor play areas.


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