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Mira Vision DualMaking decisions for a bathroom renovation can often be a challenging process, there can be multiple things to consider before finalising any plans.  To begin with, the whole project can be made easier if the style of the room is decided during the early stages of planning, this will make it simpler when searching for products and combinations. The interior of the whole house should be taken into consideration as this will determine whether a contemporary or vintage style is implemented in the bathroom.


Homeowners have different reasons for revamping a bathroom, these could be because they are looking to sell their house and want to increase the value or it may well be due to the fact that they haven’t embarked on a refurbishment  project for years. Another point to deliberate when in the planning stages is how long it will be until the next renovation, if you are looking for the room to see far into the future, then a lot more time and money can be spent on the project.


The key considerations that really need to be assessed before embarking on a decorating project is first of all the budget and second of all, who will be using it. The size of bathrooms often varies, leading to costs on the project expanding, if a total amount is agreed with all parties before the work begins, it is then easier to keep track of what is being spent.


Deciding on who will be using the bathroom is a key step in a renovation project; it will need to be determined whether it should be a place of sanctuary or a family room with a sole purpose. The four points below are a simple guide of who to consider and what to think about when renovating a bathroom:

  • Multi-generational

If a household consists of multiple generations then decisions must be made carefully when choosing products for the bathroom. Features such as a large bath/shower area and two sinks will help alleviate the bathroom congestion. Alternatively there are bathroom products that can be adapted to provide a relaxing or efficient setting for adults, a fun place for children, and a safe place for both junior and senior members of the household. Digital Showers have suitable functions such as, thermostatic temperature control, environmental modes, timers and automatic bath filling settings can all help to make a multi-generational bathroom a more comfortable and functional area.


  • Children

The bathroom can be an ideal setting for the family and the shower is a good place to develop good water skills. We paired up with parenting expert Sue Atkins who recommended “playing gentle splash games and make up songs with actions that involve pouring water over their face and heads.” A shower with two separate heads allows a parent to switch between two different outlets, which is great for children.


  • Elderly

70% of accidents in the home occur in the bathroom, so if the renovation is for an elderly relative or friend, there are things that can be done and considered to ensure that they still feel independent and safe. A conventional bath or shower may no longer be suitable for a person of a certain age, however, there are several different types of bath and walk-in showers that will suit an older person’s needs. Alternatively, there is more subtle equipment that can be installed like grab rails or slip-resistant mats to make the bathroom that little bit safer.


  • Millennials

With the younger generation or ‘millennials’ growing up in a digitally-based environment, they are looking more and more into the convergence of physical and digital technology. With many young home-owners looking to technology to save precious time, the bathroom is a place where people want to get ready swiftly. There are a number of products that can help to make a morning bathroom routine as efficient as possible, such as digital shower, the Mira Vision Dual . Featuring a ‘warm-up’ function, the shower can be pre-heated remotely from another room – meaning no more waiting around for the shower to heat up before a person steps in. With a large timer display, the Mira Vision Dual also makes it easier to keep an eye on how long is spent in the shower, helping to alleviate the morning rush.


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