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Interior design trends are always things that everyone loves to know, however taking those trends and bringing them into your own home is most often than not virtually impossible. Not everyone can redesign their home’s interiors every season, however much they may want too.

This autumn / winter season the UK will be seeing interior trends emphasising mathematical and geometrical patterns, textiles and furniture pieces. Rich mixed metals and textiles such as earthen wood will be featured in many homes, moving towards the more luxurious notions of industrial designs.

The trick too many beautifully composed rooms is taking elements from different trends and stringing them together through a common theme, colour or textile. By choosing one central idea, a room can look composed even when you are incorporating a new interior trend and throwing out statement pieces from an old one.

There are many ways this can be done in the home office without bringing in the décor squad to renovate the room. Here we take a look at a few ways the geometric inspired trend can be brought into your home office.
Statement Piece

One ideal place to start incorporating a trend into your home is with an anchor piece of furniture, off of which the tone for the room is set. For a home office this is ideally a desk. Contemporary home office desks are more often than not one of the most efficient and accessible ways to anchor a home office. Investing in a desk with mixed materials such as wood, glass and metals that references to a trend without screaming it is a great way to fall into the autumnal trends of 2015 whilst also allowing to be carried through into further seasonal trend changes.

 Room 4 Interiors Desks
Framed Wonders

Room 4 Interiors Living


If an investment is not the kind of commitment you are looking to make to the geometric trend, then small décor items such as picture frames are the next best thing. Grouping simple and modern frames together on a wall can make a great geometric wall feature for a fraction of the cost. Giving old frames a loving lick of paint can also be a fun upcycling project, making your home that little bit greener.
Warm Glow Lighting

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Spending hours in an office with harsh lighting while the rain pours outside in the winter months is often not the most exciting prospect. In so many homes, the office is one of the rooms in the house where most of the hard work is done but the least amount of effort is put into the décor. Do yourself a favour this season and do away with the harsh down lighters and bring in some softer light focused on the most important part of the room – your desk.
Winter Comforts

Winter Comforts



There is simply nothing better than snuggling down with a plush blanket while the rain pours down outside. However, what many people don’t realise is that those blankets that you snuggle down with can be another great avenue to incorporate geometric designs into the room. Instead of putting the blanket away in a cupboard or box, leave it out in the room as a throw or simply folded over a chair. For just £10 or less you can bring the geometric textiles and patterns into the room.

With a statement desk, a clustering of frames, geometric blankets and one or two new rich metal lampshades, you can incorporate elements of some great autumn / winter trends for 2015. Transforming your home office into the most on trend room in the house.


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