How to brighten up your home’s exterior this summer


Summer is just around the corner, and for many homeowners it is a great time to think about making a few little home improvements. At this time of the year, the temperature is ideal for starting on all those small exterior renovations that you had been putting off over winter. Making minor upgrades to areas such as your windows and doors can help to increase your property’s curb appeal whilst ensuring that the little jobs don’t turn into expensive repairs in the future. Martin Smith, product manager at IronmongeryDirect, takes a look at how simple window and door improvements can help to keep your home looking fresh and bright this summer.

Exterior home renovations don’t have to break the bank and even the smallest of improvements can make a big difference – from dressing up the front door to improving the look of window frames.

One of the main features that people see as they pass a property is the front door, making it the perfect starting point for any summer renovation project. You don’t even have to completely replace the door – just applying a fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic difference and make the front of your home look clean and bright. And you can go even further by replacing accessories on the door such as the handles, knocker, letter box and door number, for example. If you decide to update your door furniture, it’s a good idea to buy products from the same range so that they all match and follow the same style. Also, you should invest in quality products made from durable, weatherproof material so that they will look good for longer and will maintain your door’s fresh appearance.

If you’re thinking of replacing all of the features on the front door then, to make life easier, you could buy front door kits that include everything you need to give your entrance a full makeover. For example, the Front Door Furniture Kit in Polished Chrome comes complete with a letter plate, letter tidy, centre door knob, doorbell, urn knocker, nightlatch, deadlock, two four ball race hinges, a spyhole and a door chain. This kit is ideal if you’re looking to create a modern feel and is a simple way to improve the overall look without having to change the full door.

If, however, your budget restricts you from replacing certain door accessories, you can preserve existing ones by protecting them against rust and corrosion. This is particularly important for accessories such as hinges and fixtures because if they get damaged by rust it can reduce their efficiency and you will then have to replace them. In this case, you can protect them by using anti-corrosion oils such as Soudal Degrip All Penetrating Anti Rust Oil. For other metal accessories like the door knob or door handles, it is recommended to use a metal polish to bring out their natural shine and get rid of any dirty spots or scratches.

Let’s now move on to the window frames. If these are not properly maintained, they can significantly impact the external appearance of the property as well. Old and worn looking frames will be extremely noticeable from the outside, but with just a little bit of TLC, they can look fresh and new again. The frames may look untidy if the seals are damaged and weathered – they may have been affected by rot or mould and this can consequently cause the rest of the frame to fall victim to rot too. Replacing the seals at the earliest opportunity will stop further damage from occurring.

A good recommendation is the Aquamac range of seals as they are manufactured using a water repellent foam that is unaffected by rot, mould or mildew, meaning that you can replace them easily in the summer and they will last through the many winters to come. They are ideal for use on timber windows and will stay looking good for years. If you leave the problem until the winter time, it’s highly likely that the cold and wet weather will just make the problem worse and you’ll be faced with a bigger renovation bill. For properties that have UPVC windows, Q-Lon seals are the perfect alternative as they fit into a wide range of UPVC frame profile sections. You can simply remove the existing seal and push the new one into the seal pocket.

As well as replacing the seals, updating or adding window stays on a casement window can make the frame more appealing. These consist of a metal arm that is connected to both the bottom of the window frame and also the opening part of the casement window, and allow for the window to open outwards and then be fixed along the evenly spaced holes in the arm. Window stays are a nice little addition for summer that will help to promote natural ventilation when it gets a little warm inside the house, with the arm allowing for as much or as little ventilation as needed. The Hamstead Victorian Window Stay is a popular and classic design and is ideal for use in both traditional and contemporary homes. This elegant design has been seen in properties for many years. The product has been die forged from solid brass using traditional processes and the exceptional quality results in a smooth opening action time after time.

For a cheaper alternative, the Curly Window Stay is still a great choice for projects looking for a traditional style but at a lower price. It’s ideal for light duty applications due to the fact that it is made from light hammered steal and should be used on light weight timber joinery.

So as the months begin to get warmer, it really is an ideal time to get on with the exterior jobs that have been needing attention and you can even do them whilst enjoying the sun. You may even want to consider hiring a professional tradesman to ensure that the job is done properly. It’s a nice time of year to give your house a little bit of a makeover to make it look fresh and bright for the summer months – and it can all be done on a small budget with various cost-effective ways to spruce up your property’s exterior.

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