How To: Building a Patio With Pavers


Materials and Tools:

10.5 tons ground stone dust
paving stones
2-inch PVC pipe
two string lines
400-square-feet slate or pavers (varies depending on project)
14 1-1/4x6x10 boards
gasoline-powered tamper (rental)
grinder with diamond blade
hand tamper
layout string line
measuring tape
safety glasses
speed square

Figure A


1. Use a pump and garden hose to drain the water from the pool, pumping it away from the work area.

2. Make sure the power to the pool’s filter pump is off before unhooking the electrical connections. Remove the hoses and pull the filter pump out. Begin disassembling the pool starting with the top lip, then work your way down.

Figure B

3. Lay out a patio rectangle that is slightly larger than the footprint left by the pool. Once you have these dimensions, mark the area around the pool to square off the corners and remove the grass using a shovel.

4. The base of the patio will be a 2-inch layer of packed stone dust. Spread a layer of stone dust over the area. Start by laying two 2-inch pieces of PVC pipe about 4-feet apart. Dump loads of stone dust in the middle, and rake it out so it?s slightly higher than the pipes. Take a piece of 2×4 and slide it along the pipes to take off the excess. Continue this process until the area is covered.

Figure C

5. Run the power tamper over the area until it is uniformly packed. Don?t pack it too tight, you want to have a little play when it comes to laying the stones.

6. Using the string line, run a line down the center of the new patio. Next, run another string perpendicular to the first. This will be your starting point.

7. Beginning at the center mark, set the pavers in one quadrant then work in a fan from the center mark towards the corner. Repeat in the other quadrants.

Figure D

8. If necessary, cut the outer pavers using a grinder with a diamond wheel.

Figure E

9. Run the power tamper over the pavers after everything is in. This will set the stones into the stone dust base.

10. Fill the cracks between the stones with more stone dust. Sprinkle the dust over the cracks, and then work it in with a broom.


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