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burglarSo you’ve completed the renovation of your home.   But how do you keep it safe?  Martin Smith at Ironmongery Direct tells you how.

As the winter months approach, recent statistics have revealed that home burglaries increase by 20% during the dark evenings. In celebration of National Home Security Month (October 2014), Martin Smith, product manager at IronmongeryDirect looks at the various security options available to keep your home protected.

Security should be a homeowner’s top priority, but it can be all too easy to let things slide. Many of us can be found guilty of forgetting to update old security products or compromising upon the quality of products used. However, there are a variety of high quality yet cost effective products on the market that can secure your home.

Secure all doors

As doors are the main points of access within a home, it is essential that effective security products are used to properly protect these areas. If you are replacing a door, take the opportunity to improve your security too by installing a door that is certified to British Standard PAS 24-1 ‘Doors of Enhanced Security’.

Ask for it to be fitted with a chain or bar and, if it doesn’t have a window or other means of checking who’s at the door, look to install a door viewer. To enhance safety, electronic door viewers offer a contemporary and state of the art way of securing premises. The door viewer displays a live image of who is entering the grounds which is more accurate than using a standard door viewer. This clearer image gives you an additional level of security as you do not have to open the door to unsolicited callers.

A perfect security product for external doors is a mortice lock as they have solid deadlocks and hardened steel rollers that are drill and force resistant, therefore providing robust and durable protection. The A-Spec BS36215 Lever Deadlock is one of the most popular locks sold because it is drill, pick and force resistant, and the stainless steel anti-thrust and anti-saw bolt provides ultimate peace of mind and security. As you can only open a deadlock with a key, a thief can’t smash the nearby glass panel to open the door from the inside. Deadlocks also mean that if burglars do unfortunately get into your home through a window, they can’t carry your belongings out through the door.

Look out for locks that have been tested and certified to British Standard 3621:2004 because they provide exceptional security as they have been rigorously tested for burglar resistance, which includes lock picking and tampering. It is worth noting that many insurance companies recognise this British Standard and will reduce their premiums accordingly. Examples of locks which conform to this standard are the Yale Double Locking Nightlatch.

Watch those windows

Window locks are essential in protecting your property and come in a range of finishes that can suit any type of window; plastic, wooden or sash. Insurance companies require window locking systems that are operated by a key and where there are existing windows, without key locks, retro fit products are available which are cheap and easy to install. These retro fit locks are discreet and will not detract from the window’s original features which are perfect for an unobtrusive finish.

Shed Security

The garden shed can be easily overlooked as a place to be kept secure, but with many of us storing valuables and expensive tools inside, it is worth spending the money to ensure it is kept safe.

Strong padlocks are the simplest and most popular way of securing a shed. Look for corrosion resistant padlocks that can withstand most weather conditions and it goes without saying that you should invest in a higher quality of padlock if you are storing expensive products inside. Also purchase a high quality hasp staple as this will add additional security to the shed and will enhance the padlock’s performance.


Yale, the brand leader in home security, offers a number of alarm solutions perfect for use in flats, homes, sheds and garages. You can mix and match motion detectors and door contacts with the option of additional sirens and remote key fobs to create a standalone alarm system to suit any requirement. Each uses the latest wire free technology and every component is easy to install, with no damage to décor and no need to disturb carpets or fittings.

The latest addition to Yale’s offering is the Yale EasyFit Smartphone Alarm, which is operated using an iPhone or android smartphone. Upon triggering the alarm, the camera can take an image of the room and send it direct to your phone for visual confirmation of what has caused the alert. The alarm can also be armed and disarmed by the phone, providing effective security.

With these easy to install and cost-effective products on the market, every home can benefit from being secure. The money spent on these products is worth its weight in gold as it will help ensure your home remains safe and secure all year round.

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