Outdoor features that can double as Security


Ah Spring!  When you can finally dust off your outdoor living area and enjoy the cool evenings while enjoying a drink.  With summer (and Christmas!) only a few months away for Australian homeowners this is the perfect time to spruce up the outdoor area around the home.  The world is your oyster when it comes to your outdoor areas, but it’s good to keep in mind that some items you can add outside your home can discreetly double up to beef up your home security.


You may not realise it, but adding hedges or window boxes to your windows can actually help deter burglars from scoping out your home.  Not only do they show that the premises is occupied, but it can also prove difficult for someone to crawl up to your window to have a sneaky peek if there are plants in the way.

Plants like Creeping Juniper are great for ground cover, but also their spiky leaves can stick to clothes and cause discomfort.  No one will want to walk though that!  A great bush to use as a hedge is Firethorn.  It’s an evergreen bush that looks similar to holly, with thorny leaves that will stick and scratch anything that passes by.


Check that your outdoor lights are still in good nick and function properly.  If you have motion detectors, make sure these are working well too.  This is also a great time to add some smart home tech to your outdoor lights if you’re ready for the upgrade or haven’t installed outdoor lighting on your home yet.  Smart Home technology is a young part of the sector, but there are some really promising and surprising things you can do with just your lights with this tech.  Smart Home technology allows you to control connected parts of your home through your phone or tablet, giving you the control to turn items on or off whenever or from wherever, and also check in to make sure things are ok. If you could have your front door light come on in the evening when you’re a few kilometres away from home so you’re not fumbling for your keys in the dark, wouldn’t you install the technology to give you this capability?  With some professional security systems, you can even customise your lights to come on at varying times in the evening while you’re away on holiday, fooling burglars into thinking you’re actually home.


Winter may have taken its toll on your fences or gates and Spring is the perfect time to check your fences, making sure any posts are still secure, and repairing anything required.  Repainting any old fencing not only gives them a cleaner look, but also doubles up to show someone lives and cares for the property.

Gates are key in keeping not only people out of your property, but also keeping children out of areas they shouldn’t be.  Contact sensors are another nifty, non-invasive device you can add as part of your smart security upgrade.  Add these to your gates, back fences, and even your pool gate, and customise them so you receive an alert whenever they’re opened.  With some professional systems, you can go as far as having your smart lights outside turn on as soon as the contact sensor on your gate is opened.  It adds an extra element of convenience, but most of all safety and security.

Doorbell and Smart Locks

Smartening up your front door is a great way to welcome spring into the home and your front yard.  If you’re considering repainting your door, why not bring it into the 21st century with a smart lock and doorbell?  There are smart doorbells on the market like the Skybell, which are discreet and go well with any style of home.  You can have the Skybell send a HD video notification to your phone whenever someone rings it, giving you the choice whether to answer the door or not, then initiate a conversation from wherever you are if you choose. hence why it’s a “smart doorbell”. It will be very soon on the Australian market and has already won many faithful followers across the globe.  Combine this smart doorbell with a smart lock, and with the right system you can very easily let the neighbour into the house to borrow a cup of sugar and lock the door after they leave. Do this while you’re away running an errand, or on holiday, or even in the back yard in the pool and you just don’t feel like getting out! It’s another way of creating convenience without compromising on security.

Whatever you do to brighten your home for spring and summer, remember there are cost effective things you can do that can serve two purposes and serve as not just a feature to your house, but also give you a little bit more peace of mind and security.


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Clementine Holman is the Marketing Director for Total Integrated Security. Total Integrated Security supplies and installs a wide variety of security systems, Smart Home systems, and CCTV to residential, small business, and commercial clients. Total Integrated security has partnered with Alarm.com to bring Smart Home and Connected Security innovation to Australia. Alarm.com has been in the Smart Home and Smart Security industry since 2000, and is now one of America’s leading providers in Smart Home and security systems technology, with over 2.7 million users worldwide.

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