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If you stay up to date with the latest interior trends, you will have seen the continuing popularity of metal accents appearing across a wide variety of home interiors. Being such a statement look, it’s important to make sure this trend is implemented correctly by either embracing the look wholeheartedly or by adding small accent features that will help to lift your home to the height of style.

Trend forecasters have predicted that for 2017, the welcoming back of warm, soft and reflective metallics will replace the traditional plain, harsh metals that have swept the interior world in recent years. This means that adding the metallic look to your home has been made even easier, with plenty of home furnishing options available to follow one of the biggest trends of the year.

One quick and easy way to incorporate metal into your home is the addition of new stairparts to your entrance area. Richard Burbidge, the hall renovation specialist, has a range of stairpart options available that include metal accents to make it super simple for you to inject a metallic edge into your home, whatever style you wish to achieve.

The Elements Options range is the ideal choice if you are wanting to add a subtle hint of metal into your home interior designs, particularly if you wish to create a timeless, yet unique look in your hallway. This particular range features stunning straight metal spindles available in brushed nickel or chrome spindles, so you can choose an option to suit any home interior.

If you’re looking to create an even more striking look in the hall to add an instant wow-factor for guests, the Elements Options range in metal is also available in a turned metal spindle design, which is a perfect addition for both traditional and modern homes. Alternatively, if you’re looking to take a step further in the style stakes, the team at Richard Burbidge can help you to create a truly bespoke look for a fraction of the price, by mixing the spiral and straight Elements Options spindles. A perfect solution to create a grand staircase without the hassle!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to update a modern townhouse, a subtle way of incorporating metal accents into your home can be created by using glass panel balustrades also available in the Elements Options range. The glass panel option is a perfect solution to create a minimalistic look that will add instant style points to your hallway, and can work wonders if you’re struggling to increase the feeling of space in your entrance area. There’s also the option of adding chrome or brushed nickel connectors to implement the metal trend!

The Elements Options range includes pre-drilled hand and baserails, so in many cases the creation of a new and refreshed look for your staircase can be completed in a fraction of the time you’d expect, so your dream hall can be a reality in virtually no time at all!

For more trend interior inspiration and to see the wide range of stairpart options available from Richard Burbidge, please visit www.richardburbidge.com.


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