Renovation done! It’s time for post-renovation.


It’s exciting to see a renovation completed no matter if it’s just small bathroom refreshment or massive, property-wide transformation. Unfortunately in many cases this is actually not the end. There is one or several tasks to be done before looking at the truly finished project and simply enjoying it with nothing standing in the way.

The walls are painted, tiles installed, light fixtures working as well as appliances, furniture is on place and it seems like the renovators have done their job right. So now comes the time for post renovation and here are 3 of the many things you’ll probably have to deal with:

  1. Small fixes and things missed

Especially when we talk about bigger projects at the end you will always face some things that still need fixing or workers and you just missed during the final inspection. Don’t let these small flaws ruin your feel about the whole project. The fact that you’ve noticed nothing during the checks means that the problem is actually not so big. In spite of searching for someone to blame you can take the other road and find a solution. Some of the post renovation problems are very easy to fix and you can even do it by yourself. Scratch on the wall, one or two bolts or screws that need tightening, moving a part of furniture with several centimeters to adjust with other pieces – the issue can be solved in just a few minutes of your time with almost no efforts on your side. Other matters may require specialist – everything related to water and electricity, furniture assembly, carpentry work, etc. Just call the expert and keep in mind that such minor repairs will not break the bank but it’s for the best to be done by professionals.

  1. Construction waste

It’s easy to forget that every renovation results in a pile of junk. Sometimes waste materials could fit in a single small rubbish bag other times you’d have the feeling that you need to get rid of junk mountain with the size of a house. All this depends on the size of the project, specifics of the tasks and the services your renovation company offers. If you are lucky to be among the clients of a full-service contractor, construction waste won’t be a problem. Workers will take care of it as it is included in the initial offer. A couple of bags with non-hazardous waste are not a big deal as well. Just make sure you leave the junk at a proper disposal place. And here ends the easy part. If you are dealing with high volume of after builders rubbish or you have doubts that some of the wasted materials are dangerous, toxic or hazardous you have to consider the option of hiring rubbish removal professionals. That’s the way to get rid of the junk fast, easy and responsible.

  1. Cleaning

This is the thing there is no escape from. Even when all flaws are fixed and all rubbish gone you’ll still be left with the need of some cleaning at the renovation site and probably the entire property. The situation with the cleaning is pretty much the same as with the rubbish. The size of the job depends on the size of the project and some other specifics. After-builders cleaning can consist only of simple dusting and vacuuming. Or the tasks could be more time and effort consuming, complicated and requiring certain skills or knowledge – removing paint stains from floor or carpet, tile and grout cleaning, top to bottom house cleaning, etc.

Logically cleaning is the last thing to do, so no matter how big or small the job is, if you doing it yourself or hire a cleaner to help, once this step is completed you can say that post renovation period is over. Enjoy!


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