Revamping your stairs has never been so easy…


Staircases may be a permanent fixture in our homes, but updating their look and feel is much easier than might you think.

We all know first impressions count for a lot, and hall appeal is most definitely the new kerb appeal, as a stylish hallway can make a real style statement in any home. However, more often than not, this part of the home is neglected used as a dumping ground by the kids and the bottom of the priority list when it comes to redecorating.

Upgrading the handrail and spindle designs on your staircase is a quick and easy process that can make a real difference to your home. In many cases, it can be completed as a DIY project in less than a weekend, especially with the help of Richard Burbidge’s new stair renovation tool, which provides all the information and inspiration needed to transform for your stairs in a matter of days. Whether you choose to sit back and relax while your local carpenter does the work or get your hands dirty with some DIY the choose is yours.

Tim Tansley, Digital Manager for Richard Burbidge, said: “Our new online stair renovation tool makes it super easy for anyone wanting to revamp their stairs.

“Our new online planning tool guides you seamlessly throughout the process, providing simple step by step choices to help you configure a stair part kit designed for your home. Once you’ve completed the process you will be sent an accurate parts and costs list, then if you chose to undertake the project our in house design team can arrange delivery direct to your home.”

The new stair renovation tool features the full range of Richard Burbidge’s latest systems, including the Elements with Glass range. The new planner is also mobile compatible and allows users to configure up to three flights of stairs plus a landing, making it ideal for those living in modern new build town houses.

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