Six Powerful Ways To Produce A Stunning Bathroom Renovation That Not Only Looks Good But Delivers On Its Promises.









Keep It Simple.
One of the biggest luxury features in a bathroom is space so if you are limited on space, rationalize what you include in the room or relocate to a bigger room. Avoid over crowding with everything that opens and shuts. Eliminating the bath can be a huge space saver but only if there is one somewhere else in the home, if not, the shower over the bath arrangement is preferable to eliminating the bath completely.
Use The Power Of Optical Illusion
To create a stream lined spacious look, limit the number of materials you use and keep the colouring light and neutral. The more floor you can see, the bigger the bathroom will look so wall hung basins, vanities and toilet suites will help this. Get as much natural light as you can into the room with a large window and even a skylight .A frameless shower screen will extend the line of vision and of course a large mirror will visually multiply the size of the room.

Conceal the Clutter
Engage smart storage principles, by tailoring the storage to the nature and size of the items being stored and maintaining the clean lines of the room. This includes wall cabinets set into the wall cavity so that they disappear. Tiled recesses in the shower and over the bath to discreetly accommodate the array of personal care products .A wall hung vanity with lovely wide soft close drawers will hold appliances ,bath toys , personal products and additional towels .

Leverage The Latest Technology
There is so much to choose from these days, the mind boggles.

The Kohler Moxie Bluetooth showerhead will allow you to stream your favourite music via the shower, couple this with a playlist of short duration music to keep the water consumption sustainable.

The Philips “Hue” is a wireless personal lighting system that is controlled by an app on your iPhone. It allows the creation of “mixes” of lighting colour, temperature and brightness for various activities to enhance not only your mood but your health as well.






Think Through The Practicalities
Women particularly don’t always want to wash their hair every shower and careful selection and positioning of the showerhead will make this possible.

Make sure you allow for adequate bench space for appliances such as a hair dryer, straightener and shaving equipment.

A heated towel rail with a timer function will mean dry fluffy towels without excessive energy use.

Adequate task lighting is essential and specifying LED lights will mean low energy and limit the need to change a globe every 15- 20 years.

Remember The Romance
Double walk through shower, double basins and mood lighting are all winners.

A modern freestanding or vintage claw footbath can add an ethereal look especially with a chandelier hovering overhead.

If you decide to make your bath a feature, don’t forget the practicalities and make sure you make a recess or shelf to sit the candles, a drink and a book while indulging in a long luxurious bath.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination

 Bernadette Janson



Bernadette Janson is the Founder and Director of The School Of Renovating

Bernadette teaches women to harness their natural creativity and resources to become highly paid professional renovators, to make the time, money and freedom for the things that really matter to them and to live a life they love.



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