What Will Your House Look Like In 2015?


As wearable technology and ‘geek chic’ continue to enjoy an unexpected run of success in the mainstream, it’s important that you stay up to date with the latest trends in both fashion and technology if you want your home to be at its best in January. Apple continually raise the bar by releasing tech products that double as a fashion statements, but which other companies and styles should you be keeping an eye on when it comes to home interiors next year?

1. Decorate Like It’s 1969

Apple was founded in 1976, so get the retro look to match your gadgets with mid-century modern decor, which focuses on curves, colours and patterns. Matching furniture sets are fading in popularity right now, so don’t be afraid to pick up the occasional vintage item for ‘70s authenticity.

2. Wall Art Will Be Big Again

Blank wall spaces are there to be filled, so pluck up your courage and get creative. Express your individuality by taking a room or a wall and devoting it to you and yours, whether that means family photographs, favourite pieces of art, mirrors, postcards or framed letters from loved ones. Let your house demonstrate to the world exactly what means most to you in 2015.

Having a screen mounted on your wall is no reason to call it quits when it comes to decorating. Stealth Cover Art blends almost any flat screen display into your existing decor by covering it with a framed work of art or a favourite photograph. When the display is turned on, the artwork will automatically rise to reveal your television or monitor underneath.

3.  Our Home’s Will Be Safer Than Ever Before

Homeowners are spending more on home automation than ever before for one major reason: it keeps their families safer and more secure. From intelligent motion-sensors that keep you updated about any unexpected movement on your property, to monitors that keep track of humidity and carbon monoxide levels in your home to give you early warning in the event of an accident, devices that protect the home have so far been the unlikely champions of the smart home movement.

While not everyone is convinced (yet) by the argument that smart homes make life more comfortable and more convenient, protecting your family and property is a universal value that mainstream homeowners are very happy to invest in. Expect smart home companies to respond to consumer tastes on this one, and products like the Canary to have an excellent 2015. Also watch for more emphasis on anti-hacking measures, as companies start taking cyber security just as seriously as conventional security.

4. Digital Personal Assistants Are Set to Simplify Home Management

Whether we’re talking to Microsoft’s Cortana or Apple’s Siri, 2015 is tipped to be the year that we bring a digital personal assistant into our homes. Whilst many of us already use a digital assistant to help us manage our smartphone and our calendar, technology has advanced to the point where digital assistants can also be used to check and change the temperature, lighting and security features of our own homes.

This will become possible thanks to connected home technology. With smart lighting, heating and security devices all connected to the internet, homeowners will be able to control their home through one central device. With the tech giants working hard to perfect voice recognition technology, it looks like we’ll be talking to the digital assistant in our smartphone when we want something altered, adjusted or monitored in our home environment in 2015.

5. Make a Splash With Bright and Bold Precious Metals

Every year has a metal that gets designers excited. While 2014 might have been all about subtle silvers and stainless steel, Zillow Digs are suggesting that this year homeowners should have the courage to go for gold. For the geek in your life that has absolutely everything, it’s even possible to grab a gold plated iPhone 6.

Not everyone is in love with gold though, and if you’re one that finds it a little brash rather than bold, there’s an alternative metal that’s also poised to make a splash next year. That metal is copper, which has been enjoying continued success since earlier in the summer. Copper makes for ideal soft metal furnishings and, unlike gold, it’s not too tricky to integrate with existing styles.

So there you have it! With those five hottest trends for 2015 already rewriting all the rules, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to design, fashion and technology this festive period.



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