What’s Your Stair Style?


From putting up a shelf in the bedroom, hanging a mirror, or giving the kitchen a lick of paint, all these jobs are completed with the end goal of making your home look and feel nicer to live in.

When considering home improvements, installing a new bathroom or kitchen will be high on your list of priorities. However, there is one structural feature that can add significant value to your home, a feature that is often overlooked…the staircase.

When revamping your staircase, instead of opting for standard stairparts, making a conscious effort to select the most appropriate style for your property can create instant ‘hall appeal’ and a lasting impression for your visitors.

Richard Burbidge offers a wide variety of stairparts to choose from, so to select the ones that are right for your property first consider the defining characteristics, and then select the most appropriate balustrade for your home.

Smaller Property

In a smaller property you will want to maximise your space and light as much as you possibly can. Large, bulky designs can overshadow the architecture of the home; so simple, slim-line spindles offer a more practical option. Installing glass panel balustrades such as Richard Burbidge’s Fusion range will reflect light and make the room appear brighter and more spacious, adding instant appeal to the property and creating that all-important first impression.

Period Property

If you live in a period property, installing a standard, gloss white balustrade might not complement the interior. Ideally, a traditional property needs a staircase that will complement its original fabric. Hardwood with interesting textures and tones such as oak can enhance the authenticity of the property, adding warmth and depth.

Similary, using black iron, twisted spindles in a period home can create drama and turn a functional staircase into a striking centrepiece.

Modern Property

If you have a modern property it pays to be adventurous. The use of materials such as chrome or nickel alongside striking glass panels and light coloured wooden handrails offers a cutting-edge solution, resulting in a modern finish and a stylish focal point.

Upgrading stair parts is one of the easiest ways to add perceived value to your home. Making a grand entrance with a striking staircase can really improve a property’s look and feel, creating a stunning centerpiece and ensuring your home has that instant ‘wow-factor’.

Changing stairparts may seem like a big commitment, particularly when choosing a feature staircase, however, The Richard Burbidge ranges come with comprehensive installation instructions, and some ranges feature pre-drilled hand and baserails, meaning that different styles can be as easily fitted, as giving a room a new lick of paint.

To find out how you can transform your hall with new stair parts, visit www.stairproject.co.uk. Here you’ll find an array of the latest interior design trends, as well as Richard Burbidge’s handy planning tool, which can help with the designing of your new stairs.

This article is brought to you by Alex Bennett, Design Team Manager at Richard Burbidge.


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