Why Your Home Cyber Security Should Not Be the Last Thing You Renovate


Cyber security is something that most home owners do not think of when it comes to renovating their home. As we move into the era of smart technology and the Internet of Things our homes are becoming smarter and smarter. In the coming years our fridge will open at the touch of a button and our heating systems will be controlled through our mobile phones. There will soon come a time when we need to consider our cyber-security software as an integral part of our home and not just an optional extra.

Experts in IT Security, LSA Systems, look at just some of the reasons why cyber-security should be at the top of your list when next you renovate your home.

Rather Safe than Sorry

Currently the Internet of Things is a fast developing industry, with devices set to increase by 185 billion by 2020, reaching 200 billion. IP connected devices are set to sky rocket to 24.4 billion by 2019 whilst the amount of tablets in use worldwide will reach 269 million by 2019, a jump of 21 million devices.

At this rate of expansion we are expecting to see the security around IoT devices lagging behind. It is inevitable that hackers will abuse this surge in devices and lack of security. Small home networks will be among the first networks that hackers will stretch their proverbial IoT wings whilst figuring out how to carry off larger more complex hacking attacks on larger corporations.

As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, securing your home network from the start can lead to less risks of hacking attacks.

Company Security

With the many Bring Your Own Devices being used throughout the market place, it is common for devices containing confidential company data connecting to your home network at least once a week if not every day. Whilst most companies try their best to protect their company data, it is not always possible. It is through your home device that hackers can take advantage of security weaknesses and access confidential company data. Making sure that you protect against these kind of hacking attacks will not only protect your own data but also your company’s data.

Financial Loopholes

Credit card focused hacking attacks are not new with people loosing hundreds of Pounds at a time. As hacking attacks get more advanced, it becomes vital that you ensure that your security software does the same. In recent times we have seen attackers getting more advanced, mimicking the spending habits on your credit card, preventing the triggering of spending alerts.


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