Eight Brilliant SMART Home Gadgets


Everyone loves technology, but for some the traditional methods of locking your front door with a key and turning your heating up via a thermostat just aren’t enough. It is clear we are living in a generation where the internet is being incorporated into absolutely everything; meaning even the simplest of household items will eventually be controllable through your phone. Relinquishing all control over to your technology is a huge step however, for the idea of your Wi-Fi being able to boil a kettle and locate your pet almost seems alien. In order to ensure you get the best, here are eight revolutionary gadgets that would take pride of place within your SMART home.

Logi Circle

Created by Logitech, this portable device allows you to check in on your loved ones while you’re out of the house. For example – if you have a naughty pet that’s jumped onto the sofa in your absence, you can use the voice control feature via your phone to shoo them off. It’ll save any moments of visual of audible activity that you can rewind and re-watch. This product can be purchased for £119.99.


Yale Keyfree Smart Lock


Using a key to lock and unlock your front door can be ever so dull and is incredibly old fashioned. But the Keyfree Smart Lock by Yale can turn even the most uninteresting and cheap composite doors into an opening spectacular. The lock is triggered via your phone, but a 24 hour PIN code can also be created if any family or friends need access to your home while you’re out (i.e. if your children arrive home early). Own this lock for £240.00.


Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat

7174BRMd1tL._SX355_Ecobee are one of the leading manufacturers in SMART thermostats, for their Ecobee3 is perfect for ensuring all rooms in your house are being heated or cooled to the optimum temperature. The device is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, allowing you to alter the temperature through Siri without having to get up off your sofa in the evening to turn the heating up. This product retails for £171.00.


WeMo Enabled Smart Slow-Cooker

When you’ve got a billion other chores that need completing, monitoring the dinner can be extremely difficult. Being the first smartphone controlled slow cooker, the Belkin’s Crock Pot allows the user to adjust the settings of the cooker from anywhere via the mobile app. It also sends you receive reminders, changes the cooking time, adjusts the pot’s temperature and even lets you check the status of your dish. Buy this slow cooker for £89.00.


LIFX Colour 1000

boom_large_originalIf you’re tired of the standard lightbulb colour, then maybe you need one that’s all colours of the rainbow, quite literally. Whilst being brighter and more efficient, the LIFX Colour 1000 offers fantastic mood lighting with over sixteen million colours to choose from. Using the app, you can also set timers for certain light settings (e.g. a night-time setting scheduled for 9PM). This product can be yours for £41.48 for a single bulb, although multipacks are available.


Netatmo Weather Station

f7eeae025e6b5de55d637cfea9fe0873Despite its name, the Netatmo Weather Station does more than check the weather – this clever gadget actually observers the levels of air pollution in your home and informs you when to open the windows to improve your indoor comfort. It also has a build in CO2 sensor which measures on a scale between very good (425ppm), average (1180ppm) to the highest level of warning (2250ppm). Both compatible with Apple and Android devices, the Netatmo Weather Station can be purchased for £169.00, with additional charges of £69.00 per extra module and wind gauge.


iRobot Roomba 980


Recently released, the iRobot Roomba 980 includes 50% better cleaning facilities in comparison to previous models. It offers seamless navigation throughout your home by keeping track of its location and returning to its docking station for charging until the job is done. Regarding carpets, the AeroForce™ cleaning system and booster automatically increases power on carpet surfaces when required. This robot hoover is controlled through the iRobot HOME app; meaning you can clean on the move. Unfortunately it is a little pricey at £799.99, so perhaps this could be a maybe purchase.


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

samsung-4-door-flex-refrigerator-with-family-hub-image-1-970x647-cEver wanted a refrigerator with a built in calendar that can play music? Well, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator does just that and more. The built in display allows you to duplicate your SMART television screen and even order online with the 21.5 inch touchscreen. With a triple cooling system, a FlexZone™ that can be a fridge or a freezer, LED lighting and an ice dispenser, this SMART refrigerator can be yours for £4013.94.


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