Buying to renovate? Here’s why you need a Building Inspection


Why is a Building Inspection important?

When it comes to purchasing a property either to just live in or even as a renovation investment, it could be a house or it could be a unit. However you should always undertake a building and pest inspection for a house or townhouse and strata search report for units.
A building inspection acts as a snapshot in time identifying safety hazards, major and minor defects that are present in the building. Building inspections therefore have a number of purposes and benefits.
The primary reason to have a building inspection is to ensure that the home you are buying or occupying is safe and doesn’t pose a health risk to occupants.

The major reasons to have a building inspection are outlined below:

• Many defects are concealed and difficult to detect without expert knowledge of construction methods and materials.
• Most people won’t get onto the roof, into the roof and under the floor of a home during their own inspections of a property which may mean potentially significant and costly defects would be missed.
• Many individuals don’t have the expertise or time to assess the potential cost and works implications of the defects that are easily identified or obvious.
• Interstate investors may buy property ‘online’ and a building inspection allows them to get independent advice and information about a property rather than relying on the advice of agents who have a vested interest in the sale proceeding.
• You can rely on the findings of a building inspection as they are backed by Professional Indemnity insurance provisions; the advice of a ‘mate’ or ‘friend’ in the building trade doesn’t have the same assurances.
• Prevent financial loss which may occur if you find major defects and safety hazards.
• Assist you to plan for repairs and renovation and their likely cost.
• Determine the rate of return on potential investments given the likely maintenance requirements.
• Aid in negotiations for the sale or purchase of a property.
• Document the condition of an adjoining property prior to major works which may create unintended damage.

Building inspections are particularly critical when considering that a home or building may have Asbestos or other potential contaminants present including mould or lead products which are known health hazards.
When purchasing a building many people will plan to spend up to their maximum financial capacity to acquire the property and without a building inspection these investors and home owners may then find themselves unable to meet the costs of repair works required to address defects.

Are Building Inspections the same in each state?

Over the past year I have worked with and tried a number of different building inspectors for mine and our clients properties but it wasn’t until recently that we started using a growing company at the rate of knots but quality and efficiency to burn at the same time with building inspectors based in metropolitan cities and regional areas of Australia, Jim’s Building Inspectors are well placed to answer questions you may have about local issues.
They are your local expert when it comes to the types of building defects which are common and which building inspections you should consider having.

Whilst there Building Inspection Reports follow the same format in each state Jim’s Building Inspectors franchisees and franchisors work hard to ensure that the information, advice and terminology used in each state is specific to that location.
They maintain a high standard of pre-requisites that require recognised qualifications, minimum years of experience in local construction methods and then specific training and supervision in the inspection and reporting process.
However, it is important to note that Queensland and ACT are the only states in Australia where the industry is licensed.

For the benefit of professional standards in the industry they have modelled their intake assessments and training requirements with this benchmark as the guide.
Some specialist segments of our work require further licensing and qualification along with additional training and experience requirements. This is particularly the case when it comes to Termite and Timber Pest Inspections and Asbestos services.

They also have character and reference tests so that you can rest assured everyone coming through your door has had a police check and many of our team are now pursuing Working with Children Checks as inspections of public facilities becomes a larger part of our work requirement.
They annually audit their team members to make sure our high standards are maintained.
It all adds up to peace of mind for clients of Jim’s Building Inspectors.

In summary when you are purchasing a property either new or old it makes sense to have your Building Inspection done as a pre-requisite and not just a side thought as it could be the difference between saving or costing yourself thousands of dollars.

For any other questions in relation to Building Inspections or Strata Reports please feel free to email
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