3 Reasons To Hire a Kitchen Designer for Your Renovation Project


The kitchen is the epicenter of the home and where most of us spend a lot of our time cooking, dining, socialising & working.  In fact, a survey conducted by AGA Cookshop has revealed that Brits spend an average of 72 minutes a day cooking their favourite dishes – which equates to around three years of their life spent in the kitchen.

According to Houzz research, the kitchen is the most popular room of the home to renovate, which is not surprising given the amount of time we spend here.  However, undertaking a kitchen renovation is no easy task and many people underestimate the sheer size of the project, which can lead to costly mistakes.

Therefore, if you are thinking of renovating this space, it is important to really think about your requirements – what you need, what you want and how much you are willing to spend on your dream kitchen.

Designing a kitchen is about more than just choosing colours and appliances – it involves determining a layout, working through plumbing and electrical configurations, sourcing materials and so much more. Before embarking on your renovation venture, take the time to source a certified kitchen designer.  While it may seem like hiring a kitchen designer is an expensive and unnecessary cost from the outset, in reality their services usually represent only about four percent of a total project budget.

Considering the time and money their expertise will save and the polished outcome they will deliver, hiring a certified kitchen designer actually makes the most financial sense. Remember this is an investment and will add value to your home.

Still unsure? Read on for 3 reasons to hire a kitchen designer for your project.

Reduce Stress

Running your own renovation project means that you have to source vendors, be available at all times during the installation, schedule and oversee the work and solve any problems that may arise. Balancing all this with the pressures of a full-time job and a family can mean the project takes much longer than calling in a professional kitchen designer and cause a great deal of stress. It also opens you up to costly errors.

As a homeowner, you may not know all of the nuances of construction and engineering requirements for a job, which can make it difficult communicating with installers if the project does run into any problems.  Hiring a kitchen designer will take the general contractor responsibility off of you and take away the stress of the project, leaving them to organise the project and liaise with manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople (who they more than likely have longstanding relationships with already).

Save Money

Kitchen designers are skilled at helping you hit your budget goals and can show you a range of design and product choices to save you money on cabinetry, appliances, countertops and everything in between.  They will make sure that the materials you are using are the best for your investment so that you can make informed decisions based on expert information. That way, if you do decide to splurge on some aspects, you know that you are getting the best product or material for your money.

Achieve Your Vision

A certified kitchen designer will have years of training and experience in planning and bringing to fruition a new and remodelled kitchen. They will take a detailed brief to understand your requirements and then work within your budget to balance the functional and aesthetic elements of the kitchen in order to achieve your vision.


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