5 country cottage style ideas to decorate your house


The style and imagery associated with country cottages immediately evokes emotions of warmth and comfort.

Whether it is a holiday at a quintessentially English Cotswold cottage or a rustic yet cosy Norfolk cottage by the coast, you are guaranteed to get a sense of relaxation within a country cottage’s welcoming and laid back surroundings.

If you ever wished you could take away a part of the charm country cottages provide, into your very own home, now you can with these 5 country cottage style ideas.

Soft and clean colours

Like a sunny Spring day, country cottage colours are light and fresh, and give you an immediate sense of tranquility, urging you to put your feet up.

For a natural and refreshing feeling, colours such as cream and chalky pastels are popularly used to paint walls or furniture such as drawers, chairs and tables within a room.

Setting a scene with a foundation of calming colours also allows for accent colours to be used within the accessories for each room. Subtle hints of colour can be used through the use of fabrics, linens and decorative flower displays.  (Read on for these style ideas featured in our list). 


The use of fabrics can really evoke all the senses, from catching the eye to the soft touch of knitted throws over the sofa or a soft rug underfoot. Snugness is something so synonymous with country cottages and a simple throw on a sofa provides this extra depth of comfort.

A crisp linen with a suitable relating colour draped over a coffee table or a chest of drawers also helps add a dash of colour.

Accessories and unique features

A country cottage without vintage accessories and quirky features would not be a country cottage!

The country cottage style often has two important elements – the predominantly clean and neutral colours of a room and then the accompanying accessories and features which are often seen to have a rustic and handmade feel,  providing the rural, natural and comfy characteristics often associated with country living.

Consider the popular use of wicker baskets for storage and rustic iron wall hooks to make a pretty display. Look to add in some local or handmade arts and crafts such as flower pots, fruit bowls and cushions that are often seen in cottage style rooms, and that could relate to the area the cottage is in. Perhaps a tasteful seaside theme for coastal properties, or country stag for rural places.

A good tip with accessories is to be careful not to clutter or create a scattered feeling. This can be achieved by displaying accessories through categorisation i.e. keeping wooden, glass or handmade accessories displayed together. Also remember country style oozes a sense of relaxation and an over-populated room may hinder this emotion. Try spacing your accessories out sensibly and be conscious not to overshadow the neutral colours too much.

Floral and tweed designs

These are often a defining and signature style of what ultimately gets the nod of approval for a room to be classified as a country cottage room.

As well as the aforementioned fabrics, other features of a room such as cushions, the seats on chairs, lamp shades, curtains and display china and crockery, are commonly adorned with the botanical, checked or gingham designs.

Again, this style is about embracing the fine balance between keeping things presented as soft and clean while accompanied with vintage features. With the neutral colours of the room, a splash of floral design adds a sense of spring freshness and a light and airy summery feeling. Dotting vintage accessories provides the rural natural feeling that gives everything the final accent of being in a classic, gentle and calming room.

Embrace the imperfections!

An imperfection in the eyes of one person, is a unique trait to be treasured in the eyes of another.

The country cottage style is very much humble in its approach and celebrates the simple things that may well be experiencing some wear and tear – but ultimately shows nostalgia and heart, which is something that cannot be bought or reproduced.

Vintage design demonstrates and celebrates the classic look and is becoming increasingly trendy.  So raid your attics and lofts for hidden gems and decorative accessories (candlesticks and vases often work well) or even a forgotten old chest of drawers and bookshelf that has gone through the test of time display them proudly!



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