3 Ways to Decorate your Backyard this Christmas


Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO Oneflare.com.au, an online marketplace where Aussies can find local service providers.

Backyards are an iconic part of Australia and during the Christmas season, our outdoor spaces become important spots for gatherings and celebrations with family and friends. As the holiday season approaches, invest in some Christmas decorations to rejuvenate your outdoor area and entertain your loved ones. Simply adding bits and pieces of festive decor can revive your existing yard. From outdoor lights to tinsel in trees, these three easy decorating tips will add some Christmas cheer to your outdoor space.


  • Redecorate your Structures

Do you have a fence that snakes around your yard or a clothesline in the centre of your garden? Embrace these structures and add some creative flair with simple decorations.

Drape tinsel, artificial pine or colourful baubles across your fence and laundry line to add vibrancy and pops of colour to your outdoor space. If you have a porch or patio, get creative and hang your Christmas stockings outside this year or drape christmas themed bunting across the pillars to uplift your decking structures. For a personal touch, display family photos on your laundry line with wooden laundry pegs or strings of twine. Break up the photo displays with pegs of baubles or Christmas decorations.

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Always opt for decorations that complement the existing colour scheme of your yard, taking into consideration the colours of your plants, fence or outdoor furniture. Sticking to two-three tones adds a soft look to the space.


  • Outdoor Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are the centrepiece of festive decorations in the holiday season and planting a real tree in your yard will create a beautiful and natural installation. Decorating smaller plants and shrubs with Christmas ornaments can also revive your garden.

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While plastic trees are easier to find, real trees are an environmentally friendly alternative that can add a refreshing element to your outdoor space. Plant the tree in your yard when Christmas is over and watch it grow in time for Christmas next year. If you opt for a bigger tree for single use, real trees are biodegradable and easily disposable in the environment.


  • Light up the Night

Outdoor lights add a magical touch to a joyous occasion and can liven up your home or backyard space with the flick of a switch. Light installations are available in various colours, designs and shapes for each unique outdoor space. Taking the time to fasten lights can update your yard into the perfect holiday space for your Christmas guests.

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String lights or fairy lights can be draped across your porch or patio, using the existing structure to position and fasten. Alternatively, decorate the trees in your yard by starting at the top and wind it down to you reach the bottom branches.

When applying a light installation, avoid old screws and hooks, and opt for electrical tape instead. Electrical lights are a sturdy and easy alternative to corrosive screws. Always use lights that are specifically designed for outdoor use and as a safe rule of thumb, avoid overpowering your power board with multiple adaptors and avoid cords running across your backyard floor.

Applying one or more of these simple touches to your backyard will add a festive feel to the space. For additional tips on saving energy this christmas or installing your outdoor lights, check out our Christmas blog posts here and here, and enjoy your Christmas season in style and flair.


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