Creating storage solutions in a new build garage


A new build garage is either built at the same time as the house or its an added extra later on to help with storage. Saying that, a new build is generally left as bare walls, concrete floors and bare roof timbers with nothing added in to help store the mountains of clutter you want to move in there. So where do you start?

Empty new build garage

First off, think about what you want to use it for

Is it to be used for general storage, do you want to use it for a home gym or a place to stash your bikes. Whatever the need, its sensible to first think about adding wall storage which which can be added in a number of ways. Off the shelf storage units can be purchased from DIY retailers which come in all different shapes and sizes and are a good solution if cost is an issue. Or an alternative is to question whether you would also like the space to be free of cobwebs and be a bright space. If this is preferable to you then wall cladding could be the answer. This works well as it covers all the walls and is fitted with corner trims meaning that all those little nooks and crannies where bugs can hide are eliminated.

If you decide to cover the entire walls then there are plenty of storage accessories you can buy to give you as much storage space as you desire such as Bike Racks, Cabinets, Shelves etc.

What about the Ceiling?

If the walls are sorted out next its time to think about the ceiling. Most garage ceilings are bare timber or are a loft space. Make use of this area by adding in storage racks so that items like Christmas decorations can be safely and neatly stored away. Alternatively add in a ceiling and loft hatch so you can use the space for hooks and hangers, yet still access the space above if you need to.

Hoists are another idea if you have bikes or kayaks that are taking up lots of other space elsewhere. Add in a single or double hoist which can be raised or lowered as and when you want the item and its very easy to use.

Finally, the Floor

There are a number of different options available to make your floor an even, safe place to walk. Options such as ceramic tiles, pvc or even resin are all good options and come in a range of options to suit your budget. Search around on sites like Houzz to get some inspiration on the floor that’s right for you and opt for something that’s going to wear well. A solution such as paint is not a good option as it usually flakes within a few months of being applied.

Garageflex New Build Case Study

A recent customer based in Hertfordshire was in the middle of a big renovation on her house and had a new build single garage to house tools and bikes that didn’t have a place anywhere else. Being a new build, the garage was just bare concrete walls and was in need of some storage to help organise it.

When our Design Consultant visited, it was clear that the customer wanted to get everything off the floor and onto the walls to create some order. We created a design which solved her problems by adding in wall storage and creating zones such as the Tool Zone, Bike Zone, Workshop Zone. And adding in some ceiling storage for items not used as often.

Once our installers were on site, it took just two days to turn the garage into a storage space that is now organised and clutter free. Mrs R and her family can now find what they need rather than searching through the piles. And, as the areas are zoned, they know that any tool they need will be in the Tool Zone of their garage.

Hertfordshire New Build Before and After Garageflex


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