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Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO of, an online marketplace where Aussies can find local service providers.

In the new year, having more space in the home to enjoy is a goal for many Australian families. This year, attaining a larger indoor space does not have to result in lengthy renovations and costly restructuring. Rather than committing to an overhaul of your entire home, here are two simple and cost efficient touches you can apply to create a spacious and stylish interior.

Strategic Furniture

Strategically rearranging your furniture can quickly maximise your space. As a rule of thumb, ensure your furniture does not constrict or block walkways and entrances. Opening up a clear pathway to the room will help your living area appear larger. If your home has a shared living and dining area, rearrange your furniture so the two spaces are clearly separated. Ensure the pathway from the dining table to couch is unobstructed. For additional dos and don’ts for small spaces, check out our detailed tips here.

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Add Colour

Adding colour to your interior space creates a visible difference in the look and feel of your home. Get on the fast lane to a fresh home by decorating with seasonal summer colours or your favourite tones.

Hanging a vibrant framed painting or DIY wall feature can immediately liven your space. Pick two of the colours in the painting and accentuate the tones with patterned lamps or vivid throw pillows. In the dining room, opt for bold placemats and complementing seat cushions for a colourful effect that will leave your home feeling fresh and new this year.

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Adding a floral arrangement is a cheap and quick way to uplift your home. Featuring plants does not have to be difficult, simple and colourful flowers can add a natural element to any room. Opt for easy options by filling a vase with your favourite branches or tree stems for an earthy feel that will add character to your decor. Feature the plant in an empty corner and immediately add a unique style to your home.

Embrace your interior in the new year with simple yet significant touches that will establish more room for you to enjoy. Now there’s a resolution you can successfully tick off!

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