Top 3 Pool Care Tips


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Pools are iconic to the Australian landscape- a haven for hot afternoons and a refuge for children in the summer. Backyard pools are a worthwhile investment but the task of caring and maintaining a pool can be daunting for most homeowners. With the help of our local professionals, we debunk the myth that pools are too complex and fragile to maintain. Here are our top 3 simple pool care tips that will help you manage and enjoy your pool all year round.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Water Level

The water level in your pool should be between one third and one half of the way up to the pool skimmer. When the water level is too high, movement into the skimmer is delayed and often can cover the skimmer, blocking out floating pieces. By keeping your water at an ideal level, you prevent the buildup of debris and extend the life of your filter pump.

Maintain your water level and minimise water loss by investing in a pool cover. Keeping the pool covered when it is not in use can drastically prevent evaporation by 90%, block out debris and save time spent on cleaning.

TIP: Don’t cover your pool too early. Ideally close your pool mid to late summer but don’t turn off your filter too early or before you adequately clean and treat the water.


  1. Don’t Skip Skimmer Care

Proper skimmer care is integral in pool cleanliness. The pool skimmer captures floating debris in the pool by suction and cleaning the skimmer and draining the pump baskets can improve the rate at which water is pumped to the filter. The basket  does not function well when clogged or full and will stop catching the debris in your pool. A poorly working vent will create less circulation which can result in additional problems. Make sure to check and clean your baskets frequently. You’d be surprised how fast those vents can get clogged.

TIP: The pool pump and heater should be turned off prior to cleaning the pump. Pump baskets are also best cleaned when the contents are dry so prepare a second basket to rotate with the dirty basket while you wait for the debris to dry and be removed.

  1. Check the PH

The PH balance can be a tricky, but nonetheless important aspect of maintaining your pool. In order for the pool to work its best, we recommend a pH level between 7.2- 7.6 which is the ideal chemical composition for chlorine to disinfect the water. After a swim, burning red eyes or itchy skin can be an indication of an off balance pH level.

Keeping the pools alkalinity levels in check also helps to keep water balanced, while also aiding the waters sanitation systems. The goal level of alkalinity that you should be ranging from about 80-145ppm. Alkalinity can also affect PH balance levels, so you should take extra care to make sure that both of these are in check with the other.

TIP: When hiring a professional water analysis, prices can range between A$20- $60 depending on the added chemicals. Arrange regular tests with your local pool expert for discounts. Get free quotes from local pool cleaners here.

Maintaining your pool cleanliness does not have to be a chore and for many more quick and easy ways to maintain your pool, review our tips straight from the experts here.


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