Why a home renovation is the perfect time to upgrade your home security and “Go Smart”


Winter is finally coming to an end in Australia, with spring to officially arrive in the next fortnight.  With the change of seasons you may already be starting to plan your next spring clean or even your next big home renovation project.  These major home improvement projects are the perfect opportunity to either upgrade your current home security system to have Smart Home capabilities or have a Smart Home system installed.  Having a Smart Home system during home renovations is incredibly useful.  Not only will a system give your property added security, but also gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to monitor your project even if you’re not there.  Having a Smart Home system gives you the ability to improve your lifestyle through convenience and control.

Not too sure what a “Smart Home” actually is?  That’s okay.  It’s a relatively new catch phrase that will soon become a common household term.   A Smart Home is your house that’s connected to you.  Through the adding of certain devices, you can get your home to communicate to you, usually through an app on your smartphone.  These devices give you the ability to interact with your home.  The more components of your home that you automate and tell to work together through the same platform, the smarter your home will be. If you have a keyless lock, your house can tell you if it’s locked or not, and lock itself on your command.  If you have a temperature sensor, your home can tell you if it gets too warm or too cold, and if you want it to, ensure it gets itself back to the right ambient temperature. Consider it sort of like your own personal communication system to the hardware of your house.  If your home “knows” your away (as in, if your phone is a particular distance away from you home), it can keep your energy costs down by turning your heating or cooling system off.  But don’t worry about messing up its schedule if you come home early.  Once you’re close to home it can simply turn the system back on, bringing your home back to a comfortable temperature.  While some devices like outdoor cameras or smart locks may require professional installation, most devices are quite easy to install and take only a few minutes to program.  Smart Home technology brings your home into the 21st century while creating convenience, a better lifestyle and peace of mind to your home life.

Renovation projects give an added vulnerability to your property, especially when outdoor renovations are concerned.  There’s expensive tools being used, materials stored out in the open, access to the property can be easily compromised, and your contractors may not always remember to lock all entries to your home before leaving.  With a Smart home system, you can monitor your property by adding motion sensors and contact sensors that are programmed to send an alert to your smartphone when motion is detected or an entry way is opened after hours.  You can even add the usual motion triggered lighting as part of your Smart Home system.  The beauty of Smart home devices is the majority of them don’t need to be hard wired.  You can very easily install the components yourself, and move them around as your project evolves.  Once your project reaches its final stages, you can then permanently install each device and continue to use them as you enjoy your newly renovated smart area.

With any home renovation project comes a lot of planning, scheduling, numbers crunching, and stress.  If you’re planning a rather large home improvement, you may even consider moving out for the duration of the renovation.   How inconvenient will it be for you if you have to head home, and wait for the contractor to let them in before you get on with your busy day? You could give them a spare key, but what happens if they lose it or it gets into the wrong hands?  With a Smart Home system, you can add a keyless lock to your door, and give your contractor their own time sensitive unique entry code, setting it to expire once the project ends and that only works during the day, giving you the convenience of not having to change your schedule while also not compromising on your home’s security.  You can also click a few buttons in the web portal and set it so that you receive an alert when the contractor’s code is used to enter your home, letting you exactly when they are on site and when they leave.  Why not install a video camera so you can check on them at any time!  When you finish you renovation, give each member of your family a unique code to the lock that they can use to enter your home.  You can even set your system up to alert you when they use their code, and have it send you a 5 to 30 second video of who is coming in the front or back door.

Smart Home security is no longer just about theft.  It’s all about your home “talking” to you, and letting you know of events occurring.  Can your home send you an alert on your smartphone, telling that your smoke detector is going off, regardless of where you are?  With the right smoke detector on the right system, you can order your home to immediately turn off your air con when your smoke detector goes off, so that smoke and fire doesn’t easily spread throughout the house.  Can your home tell you that your dishwasher is on the fritz and leaking onto the kitchen floor?  Add a flood sensor underneath your appliance, and tell your home to shut off the dishwasher as soon as the sensor alerts you of a water leak. These are only some of the tiny, unthinkable problems that Smart Home technology can alleviate.

Tackling a home renovation is hard enough, so why add the extra stress on yourself of running the risk of theft during your project?  Adding Smart Home technology is an easy way to secure your property, improve your lifestyle and gives you the peace of mind that your home’s security is in your hands. Please do your research before you make a purchase, and find the smartest solution that works for you now, but can be expanded to suit your future needs. The smarter you make your home the more it can do for you. Once you start adding this technology to your life, you will realise the convenience and lifestyle improvements that it can bring.


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Clementine Holman is the Marketing Director for Total Integrated Security. Total Integrated Security supplies and installs a wide variety of security systems, Smart Home systems, and CCTV to residential, small business, and commercial clients. Total Integrated security has partnered with Alarm.com to bring Smart Home and Connected Security innovation to Australia. Alarm.com has been in the Smart Home and Smart Security industry since 2000, and is now one of America’s leading providers in Smart Home and security systems technology, with over 2.7 million users worldwide.

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