Keep up with the Joneses with a hallway makeover


Your hallway is the window into your home, showcasing your style and setting the tone for the rest of the house.

Okay, so your windows are the window into your home, but how often do your neighbours have the gall to have sneak peek through your blinds?

When a neighbour brings round some misplaced post or a parent from school drops off your child after a play date, they probably don’t get past the hallway. By then though, the first impression of your home and style has already been made.

Creating a striking, yet affordable luxury feature in your hallway has never been so easy with the launch of the new Elements® with Glass range from Richard Burbidge. The new range of contemporary stair parts feature striking glass infill panels and solid wood balusters to create the ultimate ‘hall envy’.

The unique glass panels turn traditional stair design on its head, creating the illusion of light and space, making the hall appear brighter and more spacious. Elements® with Glass adds instant appeal to any property and helps to create that all-important first impression when the ‘Joneses’ pop by.

The range is available in white oak and supplied with gun-metal connectors and fittings, and all components fit seamlessly together to provide a stylish, modern staircase, that is easy to install, with minimum mess and disruption to the household.

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