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Responsible for Origin’s home energy services for over ten years, Anne has been directly involved in providing practical, easy to understand advice to millions of energy customers on how to wisely choose and use appliances, maximising opportunities to help save money, energy and the environment.

Servicing a customer base of over 4 million, situated in three different climate zones, Anne uses her wide network of sources to remain up-to-date on new trends in energy-saving technology and consumer habits.

Anne represents Origin’s commitment to directly addressing customer concerns; whether these revolve around the cost of energy bills, taking care of the environment or the use of appropriate home appliances.

Anne regularly meets with consumers in their homes or workplaces to conduct energy audits, highlighting which appliances are using the most energy or which need replacing, and educating them on how best to maximise the use of every-day appliances as well as off-peak energy tariffs.

Anne has featured in many of Australia’s top media sources as a social commentator on energy efficiency, including The TODAY show, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, 3AW radio, The Sunday Age, Home Beautiful magazine, A Current Affair and countless sustainable/green living publications.

Anne is able to draw on the vast knowledge she has acquired over a 12 year period working for market leading manufacturers, Bosch and Miele, while maintaining strong working relationships with manufacturers of quality appliances in the Australian home appliance market.

Anne is currently involved in the Origin Local Savers program, providing $1000 grants and on-site energy audits to local businesses to support and encourage sustainable business practices.

She currently lives in Brisbane, regularly travels and spends her leisure time with family and friends and volunteering.

Anne is available for commentary on:

  • Home and business energy efficiency advice and auditing
  • Saving energy around the home or office
  • Household appliance energy efficiency ratings
  • General energy use advice

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