How to Renovate Your Lawn


By Emily Hirschmann for Apropos Conservatories

The colder months can often be a dreary time in the garden; once the autumn colours have faded, if you’ve not invested in winter blooms the viewGrass from your conservatory can feel less than inspiring. One way to ensure that you have some greenery all year round is to invest some time and effort in your lawn. Autumn, before the frost sets in, is one of the best times to get started.

Renovating your Lawn with Turf

1.  Turf comes in straight-edged rolls, so it’s far easier to work in straight lines where you can. If you’re repairing a damaged section, square it off before you begin, using a board as a guide. If you’re tackling a full lawn, start with the straightest side, work in stripes and cut out quirks after the whole lot has been laid

2.  Spend time preparing the ground. Dig over the area that is to be turfed to aerate the soil, break down compacted earth and remove any weeds, stones, or roots. For large areas a rotavator is a good investment, for small spaces a fork should do the job.

3.  Add some grit and top soil to improve drainage, then rake the whole area to create a smooth, even surface. To remove any air wells, carefully walk over the area, taking baby side-steps, so nothing is missed.

4.  Add some general purpose fertiliser – fish blood and bone, seaweed or chicken manure is ideal – then rake again.

5.  Now you should be ready to lay your turf. Place the roll squarely against the edge you’re following, then slowly unfurl, firmly pressing the turf into place as you go. It’s important that you don’t step on newly laid turf, so work along the side, using a plank to kneel on as you progress – the even pressure will help the turf to settle, without damaging it.

6.  Finally, water thoroughly. The new turf will need to be watered every day until new shoots appear, which will usually be within three weeks.

If your lawn is patchy or mossy, but doesn’t need a complete overhaul, reseeding could be the way to go. Follow steps 1-4 above, then select a seed mix that is right for your garden – a hard-wearing family lawn mixture will usually suit – and broadcast evenly before watering well.

Although lawn maintenance may seem like a lot of effort, it can greatly aesthetically enhance your garden and the pleasure your garden can bring you throughout the entire year.

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