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How to keep warm is a common problem in France. Particularly in the French countryside where large stone houses are built with little or no regard for insulation or energy efficiency.
This was a major hurdle to overcome when renovating the My Renovation Magazine office in Bourganeuf, France. The building itself is nearly 100 years old and, until we took over, it had been lived in by several generations of the same family since the early 1900’s. The rooms are large, well spaced out and absolutely freezing in the winter.

The kitchen was a particular problem. At over 25 feet in width, it’s a large picturesque French kitchen with a huge fireplace dominating the far wall. However, we soon discovered that, although the fireplace looked like something out of a picture postcard, it did very little to warm the room as most of the heat was disappearing up the chimney.

Happily there was a solution to this problem. Our salvation presented itself in the form of the Ecofan Airmax from Caframo. The Airmax is a very portable fan which generates its own electricity from the heat of the stove.   Completely wireless and without the need for plugs and batteries, the Ecofan Airmax is an ingeniously economical way to move warm air throughout a room. Now that’s really clever.

Used on freestanding wood stoves with a surface temperature between 185°F — 650°F, the fan creates its own electricity and pushes up to 175 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of warm air around a room Not only does it help heat a room more efficiently but, because the room is warming up faster, it means you’re also saving money by using less wood.

And, do you know what? The Ecofan Airmax works like a dream. In just minutes it transformed what had been a cold and uninviting kitchen into a warm and cosy room.

There are a number of ecofan solutions on the market but the Ecofan Airmax is by far one of the best that money can buy.

The Airmax does such an admirable job in getting the best out of a wood burner that Caframo offers a two year warranty on the product. I can’t imagine they have any complaints . Highly recommended.

Check out the Airmax here.


Product Features:
  • Highest Performance Ecofan
  • Creates its own electricity
  • Circulates warm air throughout room
  • Greater airflow & velocity at lower stove temperatures
  • New high efficiency blade design
  • Designed for use on new EPA stoves
  • No assembly required
  • Silent operation
  • 18% cost savings and reduced emissions from burning less fuel
  • Increases comfort more quickly
  • Effective on wood and gas stoves
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • No loud blower noise



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