Kitchen Extensions on the Rise


We are all aware of the old adage; the kitchen is the heart of the home, but has this always been the case? In centuries gone by the kitchen will have housed servants and staff far away from the main dining area and, before even that, any lord or lady entering their kitchen quarters, would very much be the exception to the rule.

Neither of these set ups seem to show much heart emulating from the kitchen portion of the home.

We’re focusing on the homes of the upper classes for one obvious reason – peasants and the lower classes didn’t actually have kitchens until much later in history. And it’s at this point, when the general masses begin using designated rooms for food preparation, that we really see the kitchen emerging as the heart of the home.

In modern times the kitchen is often where you can find the whole family – dining in open plan bliss, milling around the breakfast bar of a morning, or simply just getting on with their own tasks independently of one another.

The kitchen is the heart of the home in modern times; because it is here that all the hearts within a home come together.

Our kitchens, though, aren’t always readily equipped to meet the demands of mass invasion by family members, friends and neighbours alike – having been bolted onto our homes by developers as something little more than a room to prepare meals in. The world though has, since many of our homes were built, changed and thus the way in which we use our homes has also evolved.

By incorporating a kitchen extension into your home you are not just providing more space at the heart of your home – but bringing it thoroughly into the 21st Century.

In London in particular space comes at a premium and you may have resigned yourself to the pokey kitchen in your Georgian home, or the dark kitchen area of your urban terrace – but you don’t have to! Kitchen Extensions in London are on the rise and by adding one to your property, using up dead space you already have or yard areas you never use, you can fill your home with friends, family and neighbours without the need to squeeze!

What’s more, you’ll be adding around 15% in value to your property – which, in the current London climate, is all to the good!

So why not give the heart of your home a little love? Whether you’ve been dreaming of extending for a while now, or simply know the extra space would make a whole lot of sense City Building Group have been extending homes in London for years and know exactly how to make the most of what your property has to offer. And with a twelve month warranty on all workmanship you know you’re in safe hands!

If you live in London, a kitchen extension from City Building Group can help you to get the home (and kitchen!) you’ve always dreamed of, without the hassle of moving.


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