Leafy Additions to your Indoor Space


Marcus Lim, co-founder and CEO of Oneflare.com.au, an online marketplace where Aussies can find local service providers.

As DIY renovators, our homes are the primary canvasses for our creativity and vibrant inspiration but amidst the paints, carpets and trendy furniture, plants are underestimated as valuable additions to our household.

Plants hold a myriad of benefits for your home and your family. Here are two simple ways a leafy addition can rejuvenate your indoor space.

Statement Plants
Well placed greenery become beautiful additions to your difficult-to-decorate corners, boring staircases and empty dining tables.

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Plants add a vibrant aura and warmth, balanced with a natural beauty, especially in unconventional places such as the bathroom.

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TIP: Showcase your creativity by adding lace, colourful pots or DIY designs to your household plants.

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Health Benefits
Indoor plants help sharpen focus and purify the air by releasing Oxygen. They’re also a proven mood-booster by minimising emotions of anger, anxiety depression, fatigue and stress.

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TIP: Choose a low maintenance plant to sustain the life and health benefits of your household plants. Orchids are beautiful plants that require relatively little care and rid the air of pollutants that are found in paints and glues.

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Add a plant to your indoor space today and start noticing the added health benefits and vibrant energy from your new leafy addition. For more home design inspiration, check out Oneflare Scrapbooks.


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Marcus Lim is the CEO and co-founder of Oneflare.com.au, Australia’s fastest growing marketplace for booking local service professionals. Customers post jobs they need done, in over 200 service categories, and local businesses bid for the work. Marcus enjoys writing about the local services industry and sharing his top ideas and tips for home improvement and renovations.

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