The best eco measures to install in your home


When looking for the best eco measures to install in your home why not simply consider effective no cost solutions such as turning off all unnecessary lights, electronics and electrical appliances at the plug. Making sure you set your washing machine at 30 degrees and not filling your kettle up with more water than required. By investing in a water-efficient showerhead, you will reduce the amount of hot water required but still feel like you are having a powerful shower.

If you have a small budget to invest, try adding draught excluders and tapes on windows and doors, these are simple, cheap and effective ways to reduce heat loss. Get full-length lined curtains and don’t forget to use a letter box cover. Loft insulation is important and I would ensure it is adequate, add to it by purchasing additional lagging in your local DIY store. Changing all light-bulbs and spotlights for low energy and LED ones, will mean they not only last longer but use substantially less electricity.

With a larger budget and if your home was built after 1920, investing in cavity wall insulation, or filling the gap between the two layers of your external walls, is a great measure to reduce your heat loss and subsequent energy usage. Installing double glazed windows will cost you more, an investment that can require thousands of pounds depending on the type of window frame fitted. However this will undoubtedly reduce your home’s energy wastage significantly.

One of the best eco measures you can install in your home is also one of the largest investments you can make: purchasing solar panels. Remember to get several quotes from registered installers. Although costs have gone down in the past year, they still vary between contractors and range between £6,000-£7400. However, a typical panel can generate up to £750 worth of electricity per year, and as such are my number one eco-measure when working with a larger budget.


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