Air Quality the Key to a Healthy Renovated or Newly Constructed Home


The air quality and condition inside many homes can cause severe health problems and trigger chronic allergy symptoms among the occupants.
The poor living conditions can be brought on by everything from the prevalence of mould and dust mites, through to cold temperatures and dampness.

These conditions impact on everything from the health and well-being of those living in the house to a child’s learning capability at school and a person’s work output.
“Mould is especially harmful with visible mould substantially increasing a person’s chances of contracting asthma.”

Having lived and being brought up in NZ the living conditions for moisture, dampness, dust, heating and cooling I would say is considerably worse than that living in Australia. Having bought and rented out properties in both Australia and NZ a common problem that we have faced is the ongoing need in caring for our properties from mould and condensation issues but also as friends and family members suffer from hayfever and asthma this also has had a massive impact on their health when living with or staying with us.

So in the last couple of years I came across a company that’s a NZ owned company that also has a large presence in Australia as well and rapidly growing due to the ongoing problems that we face day in day out.
Mr Gordon CEO of home solutions company HRV points out that air quality is one of the World Health Organisation’s most pressing health concerns. Following the release of estimates about the impact of air pollution earlier this year, WHO declared indoor and outdoor air quality as the world’s biggest health priority.
To help combat this, WHO stresses the importance of creating a healthy home by using top quality insulation, ventilation and heating and cooling solutions.
With a combination of all of these elements it is possible to transform a mouldy and stale old house into a healthy and liveable one.
“And it’s not only older homes that these solutions work for, with new homes often sealed so tightly that they can’t breathe, resulting in condensation, dampness and mould.

The HRV mission is to improve the air quality in Australian homes and create healthier and drier living spaces – this ultimately means improved health and well-being all round.

The HRV Next Generation system uses advanced ventilation technology, including world leading nanofibre technology which are 500 times thinner than a human hair and allow the filter to capture very small particles.
HRV – How to Ventilation Guide (1 min)

Also have a look at video 9 which also speaks about the HRV – Sub Floor Ventilation Systems, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth (2 min)

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia as a sensitive choice product, the ventilation replaces stale indoor air with fresh filtered air. This process is key to drying the house out which helps to reduce mould and condensation that can lead to health and respiratory problems such as asthma.

Sensitive choice partner with the National Asthma Council Foundation

As the guys at HRV like to say, the ventilation system acts as the lungs of your home.
Other air borne nasties, such as dust mites which are triggers for allergy symptoms such as hayfever, are also filtered out.
Ventilation and insulation also means HRV’s heating (and cooling) sources, which regulate the temperature inside the house during winter and summer, run more efficiently and ultimately results in savings on monthly power bills.
As well as making the home more energy efficiency, it helps improve the longevity and health of the house itself.

In summary the HRV system I believe is quite an essential requirement these days not just for new builds or homes being renovated but also for your current place of residence and even investment properties.
The reason why I think they are a good idea for investment properties as well is because the number of people when looking for rental properties would choose a home with a ventilation system over a property that didn’t as it would help reduce the energy bills, dust issues but also what has been mentioned above with not having to deal with mould, dampness and the health to them and their family especially if they are asthma or hayfever sufferers.
Plus for the landlord the ongoing cost in having to deal with mould and dampness issues over time is heavily reduced due to these systems and limits the potential of white ants (termites) which are attracted to damp areas.

If you would like to know more about HRV and their Heat Recovery Ventilation System and if it would potentially be of benefit to you and your families property then you can either get in contact with Adam Jackson – or myself Anjay Zazulak –

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