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Marc Diaz, UK and Ireland Country Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling discusses how air purifying technologies can improve the quality of air in our homes and in turn, our health.

Did you know that your carpets, plastic shopping bags, gas cookers and even the tissue you blow your nose with, are pouring a cocktail of chemicals into the air? These chemicals are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be detrimental to our health. Indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air*, and given that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, this is an issue of growing concern for homeowners; many of whom are already doing something about it.

Fifteen million homes are affected by “Toxic Home Syndrome” which can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. This is where somebody’s health deteriorates because they are breathing in poor-quality air in their home – air riddled with mould spores, pollen, radon, carbon monoxide and dander. Although there are over 900 different chemicals and particles with potentially harmful effects circulating with the air inside your home, the good news is, there are ways to keep the harm at bay.

The easiest and most effective defence mechanism recommended by experts is to keep your home well ventilated. Opening windows is an obvious solution, but one that is not always practical, particular on cold winter nights, or for security-conscious homeowners. This is where air purifying technologies like Panasonic’s Nanoe-G air filtering systems come in!

Our revolutionary Nanoe-G air purifying technology captures and deactivates 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, removing 76.6% of airborne pollen allergen in just one hour. This is a huge confidence boost for homeowners, particularly if there’s someone in the family who suffers from asthma or allergies. Nanoe-G technology is embedded in all Panasonic Etherea air conditioning units, and not only removes potentially harmful micro-organisms circulating in the air, but also those attached to furniture, surfaces and other fabrics. Even when the air conditioning system is not in use, Nanoe-G technology continues to work to give homeowners peace-of-mind, 24/7.

Nanoe G

Panasonic air conditioning solutions improve the quality of the air circulating in your home, helping you avoid symptoms of Toxic Home Syndrome, which can include coughing, watery eyes, dizziness, sneezing, fatigue and headaches. More severe symptoms include eye irritation, rashes, muscle pain, respiratory problems, asthma, fever, hearing loss, nose bleeds, wheezing and lung disease. Using nano-technology, Nanoe-G releases fine e-ion particles, which deactivate “bad” particles in the filter’s indoor unit, ensuring the air in your home is cleaned quickly and efficiently so that every breath is a healthy breath. Our system also neutralises odours which creates a more pleasant living environment.

As a further advantage, Panasonic’s Nanoe-G technology is energy-efficient, ensuring efficient operation by using highly-advanced sensors which detect dirt and other particles prompting the system to react only when required. We’re also proud our system has been recognised by Allergy UK – a highly-respected seal of approval which indicates the effectiveness of our technology.

How does Panasonic’s Nanoe-G system work?

Please click the image below to see how Nanoe G works.

Nanoe G ensures healthy air

  1. Three trillion** Nanoe-G fine particles released from the generator
  2. Natural Ion Wind spreads Nanoe-G fine particles that are released from the Nanoe-G generator
  3. Adhesive qualities: Deactivates 99% bacteria, viruses and inhibits mould growth on surfaces
  4. In-filter deactivation: Deactivates 99% bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter
  5. Nanoe-G catches micro-organisms
  6. Airborne: Removes 99% bacteria, viruses and mould in the air.

More and more homeowners are taking the prudent decision to take control of their living environment, and establish healthy and comfortable conditions for their family with the help of intelligent air purifying technologies. Panasonic’s discreet and reliable air conditioning systems offer top-of-the-range Nanoe-G technology which maximises the purity of air inside the home. You will be pleased to hear that our energy-efficient solutions do not break the bank, so healthy lungs are not a luxury reserved for only the super-rich! You can enjoy the benefits of Nanoe-G too.

Find out more about our products and how they can help guarantee a healthy household on our website.

Watch how Nanoe G works on YouTube.

To read about Panasonic on the Allergy UK website please click here.

Allergy UK approval

* According to research by the US Environmental Protection Agency

** Three trillion is the simulated number of Nanoe-G fine particles under the mentioned conditions. Actual measured Nanoe-G fine particles at the centre of the room (13 m2): 100 k/cc calculated number of Nanoe-G fine particles in the entire room assuming they are evenly distributed.

Nanoe G


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