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i_454922 i_439986 i_154342i_136465In the past few years the concept of a ‘smart home’ has become increasingly popular as they enable electronic devices such as lighting, heating and security to be controlled remotely, making for more convenient living. With this in mind, Martin Smith, category manager at IronmongeryDirect, takes a look at how certain smart technology can make your home safer.

Smart technology can make vast improvements to a home by boosting security, efficiency and accessibility by allowing users to control electronic devices remotely. Everything from lighting and heating to security systems can be controlled by homeowners without having to be near the device.

Because of the convenience of these connected products, smart homes are becoming increasingly common, with an estimated 5.3 million smart homes in Europe. This trend is predicted to grow further to just under 45 million by 2020 – around 20% of all households across Europe.

One area of smart technology that is proving popular is smart security. Having security systems in place that can be controlled remotely offers additional peace of mind as homeowners can ensure their property is protected even when they are not there.

Even features such as locks can be updated with smart products to make break-ins less likely. A popular smart lock on the market is the Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock with Z-Wave Module because it can be used in place of a key-operated lock to provide an extra layer of security against break-ins.

The lock is operated by using either the key pad, fob or card, or a connected app, so as there is no need for a key it makes the lock less vulnerable to being tampered with. It also alerts the homeowner through their mobile device if the alarm code is entered incorrectly three times, so they immediately know if someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to their home.

For those wishing to invest in a comprehensive and robust security system, they may want to consider installing CCTV or connected viewing technology to be able to monitor their home effectively. The Yale Smart Home Alarm View & Control Kit for example, sends users images of their home directly to their smartphone, via the Yale app, meaning they can guard their home at all times.

For homeowners looking to invest in a CCTV system on a smaller budget, the Yale HD CCTV Kit offers effective home security and includes multi-channel playback to view recordings of the property from multiple channels on the same screen. The system can also be expanded to include extra cameras, and can be connected to the Yale range of EasyFit alarms, which include the keyless smart lock fitted with the dedicated Yale module and separate link adaptor.

When developing a smart security system for a home, it is also worth integrating it with fire safety technology to ensure maximum protection against fires. Yale’s Easy-Fit Smoke Detector is suitable for connection with the Yale Easy Fit Alarm systems, enabling the house alarm to also be activated in the event of a fire. Upon detection of smoke, the built-in siren will be activated and the wireless alarm system will also be triggered, alerting the user of a potential fire hazard.

With a large range of smart products and systems available, homeowners that are concerned about the security of their home should really consider investing in this type of technology to make life more convenient and put their minds at ease. With the option to build up this technology little by little, smart homes are more affordable than you might think.

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